Ship Building


Secorp Metals heat resistant alloys range meets the highest standards for the ship building industry in order to ensure reliable service performance. Excellent mechanical properties at high temperatures and resistance to thermal corrosion, Secorp Metals heat resistant alloys are used to make gasoline or diesel engine hot parts such as: exhaust gas, turbocharger, turbine, the exhaust valve, pre-ignition chamber, fuel injection nozzle, exhaust gas purification and device fastening bolts.

In the marine/shipping industry, sea water is abundant as it is used for cooling, tank cleaning and heating, ballasting, waste disposal, fire fighting and, by distillation, as a source of fresh water for boiler feed water and sanitary water. All of which require piping systems essentially consisting of pump valves, pipes and fittings normally made of Secorp Metals SE-9010 or SE-7030.