Maintenance & Repair Welding


Parts of industrial / construction / agricultural machineries, tools and automobiles continually break due to wear, corrosion and abrasion. On many occasions, it is impossible or requires a long lead time to obtain another part exactly like the one that broke or wore out. It is also more economical to weld repair and welded parts may now be more serviceable as they are now reinforced with Formula Welding Alloys filler metals. Hence, maintenance and repair welding are of prime importance in many heavy industries.

Using the latest technological advances, Formula Welding Alloys consumables are manufactured to ensure excellent weld quality with matching performance of high alloy base metals. Formula Welding Alloys are utilized in all industries that require the highest protection from abrasion, scaling, oxidation, corrosion, pitting and other forms of attack.

Though it is essential that the specification/composition of the base metal is known prior to welding, this is not possible for all occasions. Our customers can always rely on Formula Welding Alloys which are engineered to provide the solution to join dissimilar metals when base metals are unknown.

Formula Welding Alloys hard-facing range deposits wear-resistant weld metal designed for overlay and build-up on steel. This process extends the useful life of components subjected to abrasion, erosion and corrosion helping our customers increase productivity and lower maintenance/repair costs.