Power Generation


The generation of electricity in both nuclear and fossil fired power plants involves important heat transfer processes; steam generators, heat exchangers, coolers, condensers, tanks, pipe work, valves and fittings.

For main steam turbine condensers Secorp Metals SE-9010 outperforms any other alloys and SE-7030 is used for the steam inlet zone. The same alloys can also be considered for the auxiliary cooling systems.

Nickel-based super alloys also play an important role in improving energy efficiency in steam turbines used to generate electricity. Secorp Metals super alloys can be found in the newest and most efficient plants, burning LESS coal for more electricity and emitting less CO2.

The future demand for nickel-based super alloys is correlated to the growth of generation of electricity from coal, natural gas and nuclear energy. Secorp Metals is proud to be a global supplier of specialty alloys to the Power Generation industry as we have been providing outstanding heat and corrosion solutions to this demanding industry.