Chemical industries usually work in oxidising and reducing environments, in which corrosive agents such as acid, alkali, salt, water, oxygen are present. They are also accompanied by high temperature and high pressure. Secorp Metals corrosion-resistant alloys and heat-resistant alloys ranges are highly appreciated for their properties as they are of highly reliable and durable materials that will improve the productivity of plants / facilities.

The main types and applications of Secorp Metals in the chemical industry are:

SE-800: Good resistance to oxidation corrosion, high temperature and carburizing.
Applied in: Heat exchangers and steam organs, synthetic fibre heating tube

SE-825: Good resistance to stress corrosion and oxide redox corrosion of composite media.
Applied in: Heat-exchangers and condensers where sulfuric acid is present

SE-600: Good resistance to high-temperature oxide corrosion media.
Applied in: Heat treatment and chemical processing plant

SE-625 Good Oxidation resistance to chloride aqueous solution and wet chlorine, hydrochloric acid corrosion hypochlorite.
Applied in: Corrosive oxidation - reduction in the composite medium and high temperature water of welded components