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Secorp Metals are utilized in myriad applications where extreme quality is critically necessary such as aerospace, aircraft, chemical, defense, food processing, oil & gases, petrochemical, pulp & paper and marine industries.

Secorp Metals are metallurgically engineered Nickel-based, Cobalt-based, Chrome-nickel, precipitation hardening stainless, titanium alloys to combat the most acute environment. The alloy systems contain controlled and judicious portions of strategic elements, such as molybdenum, tungsten, niobium, tantalum, etc for imparting to the base metal superior properties.

Application engineers can select from more than 60 grades in forms of sheets, plates, strips, bars in round, flat, square & hexagonal, wires, rods, pipes & fittings. All products can also be supplied in cut-to-size or blanking to pre-forms as per your requirements. All of Secorp Metals are identified and have fully traceable records and supplied with COC/COT.