• NewGeneration Metals

    Higher corrosion & heat resistance than ever before


    Our focus is to continually respond and meet the ever-changing needs in the metal industry

  • Solutionsfor all repair needs

    Formula Welding Alloys is designed for all metal working applications

    Committed to reduce downtime and save you money

    High quality and high performing welds are produced by modern filler metals.

  • GeotechnicalFoundation Tools

    Auger bucket teeth for soft soil or rock cutting tools as per your requirements


    Select from more than 60 types of round shank chisel, auger bucket, astollen, Diaphraghm Wall Grab and cutter teeth etc.

  • HighQuality Service

    Your most trusted partner in the most demanding and harshest environments

    Our Team

    A team of engineers are on-site to provide our customers with technical expertise

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M & R Products Marketing Pte Ltd was founded and serving industries such as Petrol-Chemical, Oil & Gas, Aerospace and the Geotechnical since 1983. Our success and continuous growth has come from the expansion of filler metals, tools & equipments offered, markets served, customer base and geographic growth.

Whether you are looking to repair cast iron parts, tool steels, maintainance for undercarriage, boring rigs, kelly bar, Diaphragham Wall Grab & Cutter, we have the know-how and the expertise to advise the best suitable product for your needs. We offer a wide range of Geotechnical Tools such as auger teeth, round shank chisel, astollen and Tricone Drill Bits for the Foundation industry. M&R Products Marketing is also the sole distributor of Nickel-based Vitta Brazing Products for the aerospace industry. Be it a single piece or a container load delivered to the next county or a far continent, we have the products, capability, experience, and expertise to get jobs done to your satisfaction.

We speak English, Mandarin, Hokkien, Bahasa Indonesia to provide excellent customer service for all our customers in the Far East. In addition to our sales and marketing team, we also have a team of engineers are on-site to provide our customers with technical expertise in a broad range of applications, helping solve customer's problems on a daily basis.

PT Berkat Karimar Mandiri is our Indonesia branch specialising the below:

  • Drill bitS TCI Tricone and PDC for waterwell and oilwell drilling
  • Geotechnical Tools for the Foundation Bore Piling industry
  • Filler Metals for Ferrous and non-Ferrous Metals
  • Hardfacing Welding consumables
  • Nickel-based Vitta Brazing Products

M & R Products Marketing Pte Ltd自1983就成立,并为我们的客户服务。 这些年以来我们的成功和持续的增长,来自与从工具和器材的提供,市场服务,客户基础和地域生长的扩张。

我们可沟通的语言有英语,国语,闽南语,印尼/马来文,为我们在新加坡,马来西亚,印尼的石油和天然气,矿业,地热客户水井钻探行业提供卓越的客户服务。 除了从我们的销售和营销团队,我们也有一个工程师团队正在现场为我们的客户提供技术专业知识,广泛的应用,帮助解决客户的问题。

M&R Products Marketing Pte Ltd 提供种类繁多的产品,如:

  • 各种焊接材料
  • 牙轮钻头
  • 奥格和钻孔桩工具

Secorp Metals are metallurgically engineered Nickel-based, Cobalt-based, Chrome-nickel, precipitation hardening stainless, titanium alloys to combat the most acute environment. The alloy systems contain controlled and judicious portions of strategic elements, such as molybdenum, tungsten, niobium, tantalum, etc for imparting to the base metal superior properties.

Application engineers can select from more than 60 grades in forms of sheets, plates, strips, bars in round, flat, square & hexagonal, wires, rods, pipes & fittings. All products can also be supplied in cut-to-size or blanking to pre-forms as per your requirements. All products have fully traceable records and supplied with COC/COT.

SECORP METALS has provided quality products and services for 28 years and is now proud to introduce their new and professional website. SECORPMETALS.com presents their entire line of products and services, alongside with helpful information that might be needed by our viewers.


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